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St.John Child Development Center

by St. John Child Development Center on 10/21/11

I brought my son to St. John Child Development Center around November 2010.  The reason I brought him to St. John’s was that my son was 3 years old and was getting bored at the babysitters.  He showed no interest in learning his letters.  He knew the alphabet and how to count to 10 and his colors but was not interested in learning anything new.  All he wanted to do was watch TV.  That is when I decided that he needed a change.  He needed to be in some type of school setting and to be around with other children.

After looking into expensive preschools, a friend of mine told me about St. John Child Development Center.  She told me that her little boy use to go there before he started kindergarten and that she loved it.  So I asked around and got some more feedback from other friends that took their children there and people in the community.  

I made an appointment with the Director to come and visit the center and get some information.  She was so helpful she invited me and my husband to come and bring our son.  My son fit right in with the other children following along and he loved it.  The Director went over the tuition and what the children daily activities were.   It was exactly what I was looking for.  An affordable facility, that my son could learn through play with other children and also receive some spiritual guidance.

My son has learned so much from attending St. John’s.  He knows how to write his name, recognize and write letters and numbers, draw and recognize shapes. Now he is learning about science which he loves.  He also can recite the Lord’s Prayer, the blessing and he loves singing songs and dancing. He has always been a little social bug but now he is able to play and get along with other children in a positive way. I truly feel that when he turns five that he will be ready to start school.  St. John’s is giving him the tools he will need to succeed in school. 

I’m very pleased with St. John Child Development Center and would recommend it to anyone.

J. Upton

Comments (2)

1. Shalandra W. said on 10/14/13 - 07:42AM
I would like to thank the staff at Sjcdc for all the work the done to prepare my son for kindergarten. My son teacher wanted to know what type of learning he received before coming to Sunnyside elementary and I told her Sjcdc and she stated she can tell he has been in a learning program because he know things that majority of kids don't know starting kindergarten. Thank you again Sjcdc don't know where I would be without you...
2. Tisha Dillard-Wyatt said on 2/24/14 - 02:55PM
St. John Child Development Center has been a blessing for me. My son, Donovan started at 2 1/2 yrs old and he is now 11 years old. The director at that time (Mrs. Freeman) observed Donovan 's interactions with the other children. She expressed her concerns and suggested that I have him screened through Child Find. Despite his challenges the staff worked with him. Teaching him to write his name, his colors, and numbers. I am so thankful for the staff because they worked with my son through some difficult times. Donovan was diagnosed with Autism at 5 years old and the support from the staff before and after this has been a blessing. The staff have been wonderful from his first day of day care, to his first day of kindergarten.

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